How to get free wifi at home

It’s a big question that comes up that is it possible to get free Wi-Fi at home? Well, that depends on a wide range of factors which includes the location of your home, the network area around your house and yes the efforts which you are willing to put into getting the free wifi. To get the free Wi-fi, you need to include yourself to a friend or neighbor wifi network, a nearby public wifi network or you need to buy an extended range of antenna to help you to get a signal from a network area which is far away.

How to Get Free Wifi at Home in free of cost

Use A Friend’s Wi-Fi

This is one of the most straightforward options to get free wifi, assuming that you trust your friend and that friend is your neighbor. This is the especially likely solution for those in neighboring apartments blocks or terraced house where two or more homes are very close to each other.

If your friend allows using their wifi at free of cost, then you will get all the benefits of having your connection. If your relationship is not good, then you need to buy a wifi range extender or any daisy chain two routers together to extend the signal range.

To connect to a friend’s Wi-Fi, you need to follow these steps

  1. Open your device setting and check to see if you can get your friend’s wireless signal in your home.
  2. Just ask your friend if you can use their wifi network.
  3. Ask for their password and connect to their system as you would with any other wireless network.
  4. If you don’t get a particularly strong signal, then, you could use a wireless extender to increase the signal distance within your house.

Connect To Public Wi-Fi

If you are living in an area which is having free public wifi, then it can be possible to connect to that network for free in your house. This is only possible when you live in a city or other area that is so close to a cafe, hotels, restaurant or bars.

Associate with arranging from Far Away – Use A Powerful Long Range Antenna

While it is least demanding to get complimentary wireless internet if you live in a developed zone where you can get to different associations, it is conceivable to utilize a vast reception apparatus to enhance the scope of your wifi organize in your gadgets.

Best long range antennas

These type of antennas can give you a range of more than 8 miles which can help you to provide a good chance of finding a nearby hotspot. This is one of the perfect conditions and without interference which would be unlikely in most situations.
Also keep in mind that the hotspot which is trying to attempt will likely to be omnidirectional, as these type of antennas have a limited lifespan for wifi, so an extended range of antenna can work so much.

A long range of antenna will help you to improve the chances of connecting to a network further far away. If you want to compare to a long distance, then you can use a directional antenna at both the ends. Most of the long antennas have a limited angle where they can quickly pick up the wireless connection; this means that you will need to know where the public wireless router is situated so that you can point the antenna at the router.
Even if you don’t get 8 miles, however, along full range antenna should significantly improve your chances of connecting to a network. If you want to compare to long distances, then you can use a directional antenna at both ends which is possible when corresponding to a friend’s wifi access point.

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