How to deep clean your house

If you want to freshen your home up more than just regular cleaning around the house! If you break it over the course of a week, you can be done deep cleaning your home in only seven days of time!! Sounds great right? So, now you thought that how long does a deep cleaning take? So, It will take around seven days when you pick one area daily of your home. So, now you were thinking of how to start cleaning a messy house? So, you can start with cleaning your drapes and blinds. Here is the complete follow up:

How to Deep Clean Your House and What is a deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is different just like a regular cleaning because it reaches the thick grime and dirt in your home. It covers areas which aren’t traditionally covered by regular cleaning.

Day 1: How to Deep Clean Your Drapes and Blinds

Drapes and blinds, it is the easiest way to deep clean curtains and curtains which can be done with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, if they are extra dirty, then you need to take some additional more steps to get them clean properly. You can take the drapes down and wash them. Blinds can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth or any of a time-saving tool, as it works excellent on wooden shutters.

Day 2: How to Deep Clean Your Light Fixtures and Fans

Most of the people use a duster to clean these items; you are going to do a bit more for the broad cleaning process. If the fans or light fixtures are up high, then you need a ladder to get up there and wipe/clean with a damp cloth. Take the light/fan fixture off and wash it with water and soap if it is dirtier. You can also use an extruder for same.

Day 3: How to Deep Clean Your Bedrooms

It is so shocking when you see that all the dust and garbage are collected on the back of dressers. You can clean those areas with the help of vacuum attachments. Using glass cleaner, you can clean your mirror. Wipe down the headboards, footboards, and bedposts of all your beds.

Day 4: How to Deep Clean Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms can get pretty nasty if they have not been cleaned on a daily basis. The problem areas are likely to be near tub and shower. If you have a shower caddy, take it out of the bathroom and wash it. Clean the shower head either with an old toothbrush or with soft scrub. You might also need some heavy duty cleaners for soap scum build up. Then take everything off of the counter and wipe down with the help of a bathroom cleaner. For toilets, squirt some cleaner into the shower, swish it around with the toilet brush and leave it to soak to get stains cleaned.

Day 5: How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Your kitchen needs a cleaning every night after the dinner time. For deep cleaning of cooking, you need to focus on kitchen surfaces and as well as significant appliances. Here are some of the items which need special care and attention:

Microwave: Take out trays from it, and wash it with warm, soapy water. Wipeout and scrub if necessary with an all-purpose cleaner.

From the top of it, take everything out, clean each shelf as you go. If a rack is removable take it out and rinse it with warm soapy water. Then remove all the drawers and trays and wash it with scrub. Don’t forget the small shelves inside the door. Wipe down the outside of the fridge by giving extra attention to handles.
Counter-tops – remove everything from the counters and wipe down with an all-purpose cleaner. Make sure it is adequately cleaned.

Day 6: How to Deep Clean the home Floors

After as you vacuum and mop your floor, you may still notice to build up in corners and around the different edges of the stories. These are some steps to clean your floor:

  • Use a broom to get under all furniture and in hard-to-reach places.
  • For mopping, use a small amount of cleaner in warm water and a damp mop.

Day 7: How to Deep Clean Your Porch

The inside of your home is immaculate; now it is a time to work on the porch. Bugs, dust, and pollen have taken over, so here are some of the tips to clean your porch:

  • If you have a water resistant porch, move it out to the lawn and spray it with the water.
  • Use a pole duster to clean all the spider webs.
  • Wipe down any glass table tops with glass cleaner.
  • Wipe down any railings or woodwork.
  • Using a water-hose nozzle, jet spray the entire porch. Use a scrub brush for stubborn spots.

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