Most Unusual Gadgets

Nowadays, gadgets seem to be everywhere in our hectic society. They are funny, cool, weird, yet very useful and practical. Despite everything, we must admit that they are the ones that make our lives much easier. Take a look to some of the most unusual gadgets.

Our society developed so much and we live today in a world based on different, interesting inventions. Nevertheless, there are certain gadgets that are very useful, yet very weird. Here are some of the most unusual gadgets.

Transparent toaster
This is one special invention made for those who don’t like their bread too crispy. With this new, unusual kitchen gadget, you can watch your bread browning until it gets the perfection you are looking for.

Butter cutter
This is more for the perfectionist characters who are never satisfied with the way butter lays unevenly on the bread. With just one click, the butter is cut into fine pats. Moreover, the handy container allows you to store it in the fridge.

Lock cup
How many times did you remain without coffee? Well, with this ingenious invention you have the possibility to “lock” your coffee inside your personal cup without being afraid that someone might drink it. Every cup has a removable key that is used to plug up a hole in the base. Without this key, the cup cannot be used.

Hand-shaped infant pillow
Busy moms, pay attention! If you are always in a rush, here is one useful invention for you. With this ergonomic infant pillow, the baby can quietly rest, while you can handle everything in the house. Moreover, both, you and your baby, will be able to sleep better during the night.

Another interesting toaster is based on a different and more unusual concept. It has been created by Swiss-based industrial designer Othmar Muehlebach who won the second place at the Berner Design Awards for this toaster-printer. It works very easy, you just need to load the toast just like an inkjet paper.

Penguin tea bag dipper
With this penguin tea bag dipper, tea time is so much fun and easy. You just have to set the time you want the tea bag to be in the water. When the time is up, the penguin will raise the beak, and therefore taking the tea bag out.

Flying Alarm Clock
This is the perfect invention for those who are too lazy in the mornings. When the alarm is triggered, the top part of the clock will fly away, and you'll have to catch it and put it back. This, if you want to stop the alarm sound.

Day Clock
A day clock is one of the most unusual gadgets ever. As we all tend to forget which day it is, this day clock is not only weird, but also very useful. The Day Clock face is divided into seven sections, and the day hand makes one revolution every 168 hours. This can also represent a perfect gift.

iCarta: iPod toilet paper holder
For all music addicts, iPod toilet paper holder is the solution for you to listen music even when you are in your bathroom. It is compatible with every iPod and MP3 players, and it even charges your iPod.

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