Unfortunate Lottery Winners

Most of us like to think that winning the lottery would be an achievement that would change our life course for the better. However, for some people, winning large sums of money at the lottery was certainly not the answer to all the life's problems but the beginning of some serious problems that ended extremely bad for most of them.

Michael Klingebiel has never imagined that winning 2 million dollars at the lottery would tear his own family apart. Whoever said that money brings out the worst in people was clearly on to something because the winnings caused him to get sued by his own mother. Apparently, he and her mother always played the lottery together. He announced his mother about winning the lottery with the ticket they bought together but when he went to claim the price he declared he was the one that bought the winning ticket and even announced his own parents that the winning ticket was one he has bought on his own, a thing that caused him to be sued.

Evelyn Adams is perhaps one of the luckiest persons in the world. Why? Because she managed to win the gran lottery prize not once but twice over the course of two years in 1985 and 1986. While a $5.4 million prize, he life should have become a lot easier however she did not get to enjoy that prize for a very long time as her bad habits got the best of her. Her inability to say no to her relatives and friends as well as her heavy gambling habits eventually made her lose all her fortune. As a result, she now lives in a trailer.

Timothy O'Brien was not an actual lottery winner but his belief that he might have been caused him to commit suicide. He was an avid lottery player and he never gave up the idea that he might eventually win. However when he saw that he lost the chance win 2.7 million dollars because he forget to renew his ticket he decided to take his own life. However, this idea turned out to be a horrible mistake because he would have only won 27 pounds as he didn't have all the winning numbers like he thought he had.

Jack Whittaker wishes he would have never won the lottery. He won an astounding 113million dollars in 2002 which was the highest undivided prize of that time. However, soon after he claimed the prize bad luck started to become obvious. He was robbed numerous times, one time losing more than 500000 dollars, he got divorced and indirectly contributed to the death of his own grand daughter. She was a drug addict and because he gave her a 2.100 dollars allowance a week her problem aggravated and eventually caused her death.

Ralph Stebbins won some of the most astounding prizes in the lottery history 208 million dollars. This day should have been the beginning of a comfortable life with little problems but it turned out to be the exact opposite. He only got to enjoy his prize for about 20 months because he was charged with attempted murder and possession of a dangerous weapon. Apparently, his overprotective nature made him stab one of his daughter's boyfriends. As if this wasn't enough he had a heart failure and died soon after he was charged with murder at only 43 years old.

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