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Read full article | 10 Dec, 2010
  • Weird Wedding Traditions Weird Wedding Traditions

    Every nation has different customs that can be quite difficult to understand by the others. However, some of them became a real part of their history. Here are just a few examples of some of the weirdest wedding traditions in the world.

    Our first stop is Germany. Germans have a tradition called "Polterabend", which takes place the evening before the wedding. It is all about breaking plates and dishes in the bride's front door. This symbolizes success in life. The bride-to-be thanks the friends inviting them for a glass of wine. A very funny, yet weird wedding tradition occurs right after the church ceremony. This Bavarian custom says that the bride and groom have to saw a log in half working together as a symbol of the first tough tasks of their future.

  • In Scotland, there is this tradition called “Blackening the Bride”. In fact this is a pre-wedding custom, meaning that the bride's relatives and friends take her by surprise and cover her with different sticky and smelly substances and mixtures, such as eggs, sauces, cheese, or fish. Well, everything depends on the imagination of the so-called “attackers”. Once she is officially submitted to the blackening process, the bride-to-be is paraded around the town.

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  • Unfortunate Lottery Winners Unfortunate Lottery Winners

    Most of us like to think that winning the lottery would be an achievement that would change our life course for the better. However, for some people, winning large sums of money at the lottery was certainly not the answer to all the life's problems but the beginning of some serious problems that ended extremely bad for most of them.

    Michael Klingebiel has never imagined that winning 2 million dollars at the lottery would tear his own family apart. Whoever said that money brings out the worst in people was clearly on to something because the winnings caused him to get sued by his own mother. Apparently, he and her mother always played the lottery together. He announced his mother about winning the lottery with the ticket they bought together but when he went to claim the price he declared he was the one that bought the winning ticket and even announced his own parents that the winning ticket was one he has bought on his own, a thing that caused him to be sued.

    Evelyn Adams is perhaps one of the luckiest persons in the world. Why? Because she managed to win the gran lottery prize not once but twice over the course of two years in 1985 and 1986. While a $5.4 million prize, he life should have become a lot easier however she did not get to enjoy that prize for a very long time as her bad habits got the best of her. Her inability to say no to her relatives and friends as well as her heavy gambling habits eventually made her lose all her fortune. As a result, she now lives in a trailer.

    Timothy O'Brien was not an actual lottery winner but his belief that he might have been caused him to commit suicide. He was an avid lottery player and he never gave up the idea that he might eventually win. However when he saw that he lost the chance win 2.7 million dollars because he forget to renew his ticket he decided to take his own life. However, this idea turned out to be a horrible mistake because he would have only won 27 pounds as he didn't have all the winning numbers like he thought he had.

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  • Did You Know That... Did You Know That...

    Did you know that...

  • French people are the fastest in the world when it comes to speaking, pronouncing on average 350 syllables per minute. The next place belong to the Japanese with 310 syllables, British, 220, Germans, 210 syllables. British and Americans speak almost the same language, but Americans pronounce more slowly, just 150-175 syllables per minute. The slowest in the world are the inhabitants from Micronesia and Polynesia with 50 syllables per minute.

  • In the 1800s, if you attempted suicide and failed, you would have to face the death penalty.

  • Every day, a person forgets 80% of everything he has learned that day.

  • Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite. Well, thing is that dynamite is made from nitroglycerine, which is made from glycerol. Glycerol, also known as glycerin, is made of peanut oil, which is of course extracted from peanuts.

  • The elephant is the only animal having 4 knees, while all polar bears are “left-handed”.
  • In Austria, there is a lake, Alm, with a small island that has the unusual property of moving periodically from one shore to another.

  • On a Big Mac bun are about 178 sesame seeds.

  • If you just smell green bananas and apples, without eating them, you'll lose weight easier.

  • The word “Checkmate” in chess comes from the Persian phrase “Shah Mat”, which means “the king is dead”.

  • Duck quacking doesn't produce echo.

  • The custom of shaking hands with strangers originated to show that both the parties were unarmed.
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  • Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever Funniest Newspaper Headlines Ever

    Journalists often put a smile on our face with the hyper-creative headlines. Moreover the funniest newspaper headlines ever would make you even more intrigued about the new these titles might reveal. Read the headlines with great care and find out the trick behind the serious words and refined structure of these phrases you might remember some you've read in the past.

    Newspaper headlines aim to generate interest in the reading public. Journalists are indeed instructed to formulate the titles of the articles with great care in order to give away a hint still not reveal the whole story. Often they succeed in making their story even more appealing in other times the whole project turns into a disaster and the headline is either incomprehensible and puzzling or righteously funny. The funniest newspaper headlines ever provide you with a list of hilarious as well as provocative phrases.

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  • Funny Police Reports Funny Police Reports

    In dealing with the law, most people tend to get very serious and even defensive. Police reports are generally recognized for their official tone but in some cases humor is unintentionally used . While sometimes the humor resides in the ingenuity of the statements made, at other times the interactions between police officers and suspects have a less than formal tone.

    In life we are faced with all kinds unpredictable situations that are bound to cause a variety of different reactions. Because the norms of the society often prevent people from taking matters in their own hands when dealing with problems, many times they have to turn to police to be able to express their dissatisfaction or to get a favorable response to solve the situation they are in. Many times police reports manage to capture the human nature in a completely different way from what we might expect. Here are a few hilarious situations that were reported to the police:

    A 23 year old woman made it clear that her mother in law is one of her least favorite persons after reporting her to the police. According to her statements, her mother in law entered the house without her permission. Had the story ended right there, perhaps there would have been no repercussions. However the conflict was just started to arise. After her mother in law started made insulting remarks about the odor of the house the women decided to report her to police.

    The conflict between generations can be taken to a whole new level when differences in opinions strike. A conflict can even cause family members to turn against each other. Clearly unhappy about his daughter's decision to get a tattoo, a man reported to the police that she got a tattoo despite of the fact that she is younger than 18 years old.

    Without a doubt, accidents cause a lot of confusion so making statements while you are in a state of shock is generally not recommended. Some of the following statements can be seen as written proofs of what being too honest or trying to make up a quick excuse for your behavior in traffic can lead to. These are a few statements that could be encountered in police reports when authors of car accidents were asked to describe what happened in their own words:

  • The pedestrian had no idea which direction to go, so I ran over him.
  • I was sure the old fellow would never make it to the other side of the roadway when I struck him
  • I had been driving my car for forty years when I fell asleep at the wheel and had an accident.
  • Coming home, I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree I don't know.
  • In an attempt to kill a fly, I drove into a telephone pole.
  • The indirect cause of this accident was a little guy in a small car with a big mouth.
  • I can't help it, constable. Someone has hypnotized me to park illegally!
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  • Famous US Conspiracy Theories Famous US Conspiracy Theories

    Historians as well as philosophers were eager to look behind the curtain and find out the motivation as well as leading factors that guide the row of events in our history. Indeed the famous US conspiracy theories were envisioned and created by those who long for an explanation to the tragedies as well as other mysterious events. These are some of the most well-known and controversial ideas to keep in mind when dealing with the hands that control this mechanism called 'world'.

    People were always fascinated by the hidden secrets as well as hoaxes that might have masked the truth about various important events from history. While some might lament on things others consider it their duty to do research and blow the dust that covers various businesses and events from the past. This is indeed how the various conspiracy theories come into existence.

    As some of these managed to write history more and more scientists and journalist of the present offer us the privilege to find out that there's always an explanation for every event that takes place in our life and history in general. These are the famous US conspiracy theories that engraved themselves into the conscience of the American society.

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