5 Strange Table Manners around the World

When it comes to table manners, there are a lot of rules that strongly evolved due to practice. As so many countries, so many customs, here are 5 strange table manners around the world.

  • In Tanzania, it is impolite to get in time to dinner. It is preferable to be late 15-30 minutes. If you eat while sitting down on the carpet or mat, it is not polite to keep your soles at sight. The oldest person at the table will be served first, while the host eats the last. Besides, in Tanzania it is rude to smell the food.

  • China
  • In China, you need to know how to correctly hold the chopsticks. Moreover, when not using the chopsticks these should be perfectly set on the table, one close to the other. Otherwise, this symbolizes that you'll be improperly put into the coffin. Also, never direct a chopstick towards one of your table companions as it is considered as being a serious insult.

  • Russia
  • Everyone knows that Russian people are extremely famous for their hospitality. When in Russia, leave a bit of food on your plate to show the host that there was plenty to eat. Moreover, never refuse an offer of vodka or other alcoholic beverages as it is considered rude. When leaving the table, don't do it until you are invited to. The guest of honor is usually the first to get up. In order to show their respect for food, throwing it or being disrespectful to bread is considered a sin in Russia.
  • Afghanistan
  • In Afghanistan, the guests are placed far from the door. They are the first to be served and they have to eat the most, while the hosts eat at the end and less. A good host has to ask at least three times if the guests want another serving, and these have to refuse at least three times also. If someone drops bread on the floor, this should be lifted, kissed and only after put somewhere else. Food is traditionally eaten with bare hands and only the right hand should be used.

  • Japan
  • If you are ever invited to have dinner in Japan, you need to wait for the host to invite you three times before you start eating. When eating noodles slurping noises are a tradition, unless you want to be taken as a weird person. Besides, it is polite to lift small bowls of rice or soup. Japanese people say that inhaling air while eating noddles improves their taste. Remember that in the Japanese restaurants one cannot leave tip.

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