Good and usable designs are often taken for granted, but when a design is less than beneficial to the user, it is poorly executed or just come out unintentionally funny the result will bring major LOLs. Discover the most hilarious and weird designs, wtf road and warning signs, funny pictures and other weird stuff that worth a thousand words.

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  • 5 Most Ingenious Bridges in the World 5 Most Ingenious Bridges in the World

    Bridges are amazing constructions that help us connect people and places. In the last years, an important progress was made in matters of design as bridges ended being impressive architecture masterpieces offering breathtaking views and unbelievable experiences. Take a look to 5 most ingenious bridges in the world.

    Besides their practical side, bridges became surrealistic constructions that seem to be taken from another world. Impressive, endless structures with creative designs, here are 5 most ingenious bridges in the world.

    Langkawi Bridge
    Watching this image you get the impression of a spectacular structure leading towards the sky. In fact, this is Langkawi Bridge in Malaysia. Suspended at 700m above sea level, and stretching on a distance of 125m above the mountains, offering breathtaking and magnificent views upon Andaman Sea and the of Langkawi, an archipelago of 99 islands. This is the perfect choice for adventurous people looking for adrenaline.

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  • Funny Wedding Cake Toppers Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

    It is said that marriage is not only one of the most important days of one's life, but also the most beautiful, and everyone wishes to spend magic moments on that special day. A memorable wedding cake with a hilarious topper is the best way to start life together in an amusing and relaxed manner. Here are some funny wedding cake toppers for you to get inspired.

    Wedding cakes are not the same as they used to be. Revolutionizing the pastry world, wedding cakes are so colorful and they look so delicious, easily being compared with genuine masterpieces. However, cakes are not only classic and romantic, but they still can be hilarious with different funny cake toppers.
    If usually the groom is the one that should be dragged to the ceremony, it seems that there are still brides who are having second thoughts.

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  • Unusual Bottle Openers Unusual Bottle Openers

    Usually, bottle openers are simple pieces having nothing interesting when it comes to their design. However, here is a selection of funny, yet strange bottle openers that are not only unique, but also very versatile and practical.

    Forget about all those classic and simple bottle openers. It's time to impress everyone with the newest inventions in matters of bottle openers. Practical and discreet in the same time, these bottle openers are very handy despite their rather unusual design.

    On the first place, we have the Ring Thing Bottle Opener. With this bottle opener you'll be the coolest beer drinker in the bar. It is subtle, trendy and it doesn't require a special place to carry it.

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  • Funny Warning Labels and Signs Funny Warning Labels and Signs

    Labels and warning signs are meant to be helpful but sometimes they are just plain weird, funny or without any sense so check out some of the funniest warning signs and labels as they will definitely bring a smile on your face!

    Sometimes people can invent some of the funniest things and make them public through warning labels and signs, which to our delight, can bring smiles and laughs. Warning signs and labels are meant to help people stand clear of danger but sometimes these warning signs and labels are not only funny but irrelevant or plain dumb.

    Warning signs are definitely a must especially when it comes to dangerous situations but it seems that some of these warning signs are either written by drunken people or just without putting any thought into them.
    Some of the following examples can underline my statement as they are funny and definitely worth checking out!

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  • Top Hilarious T-Shirt Photos Top Hilarious T-Shirt Photos

    Clothes can be real statement accessories when it comes of revealing our message to the public. The top hilarious t-shirt photos offer you some inspiration for the next style makeover project which encourages you to sport personalized clothes with funny messages and words on it. Use your creativity as well as add a tint of your charisma to these style pieces.

    The market is flooded with the most creative and funny t-shirts ever. Therefore everyone will have the chance to choose from the wide array of clothes decorated with cute messages that would definitely make the desired impression on our entourage. Find out which are the top hilarious t-shirt photos voted by the public and draw some inspiration if you would like to be different and grab the attention of your friends and even strangers with your chic top. Give yourself a few spare minutes and skim through the brief overview of funny t-shirts immortalized by these pictures.

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