Unusual Christmas Trees

This year, forget about all those traditional Christmas trees and choose something more unconventional such as a beer-bottle tree or one made from different recycled things. Take a look to these unusual Christmas trees and draw your inspiration.

This Christmas you can forget about the common Christmas tree and try the upside-down version. Well, this is your best opportunity to ask for a big, big present. In fact, this tree was originally made for specialty stores to display delicate ornaments while using as little floor space as possible. The 7-foot pre-lit tree is easy to assemble and allows you to set it in the most difficult places.

This next Christmas tree (if we can call it like this!) it is without any doubt the most loved by all video games lovers. The Pac-Man Christmas tree is created drawing its inspiration from the classic arcade game and it is made of thousands of colored LEDs in a fully-animated version. It was displayed in Madrid, Spain.


Now it is easier than ever to create your own Christmas tree and even have a tutorial on how to make it using empty beer bottles. We don't know if you should do it before or after Christmas! You can even try an easier version with full bottles and let your friends serve themselves. Or better, the amazing Mountain Dew Christmas Tree, that took about 3 months of soda drinking, about 400 cans of Mountain Dew, and 4 days to build it. The giant Christmas tree mas made by artists in Shanghai, China, using over 1,000 Heineken bottles.

Since bottles are such a great raw material for Christmas trees, why not to try a more eco-friendly version made of green plastic bottles just like this one displayed in Sidney. You can play a little bit and use the two-colored effect. As we are in the recycling area, here's another interesting option with 5 gallon water bottles and PVC pipes.

Now, after drinking it's time to pass to food. First, there is the Christmas Potato tree made by some students in Lima using 98 kg of potatoes. Next, we present you one very ingenious and delicious sushi Christmas tree made in Japan, of course.

If you want something more adorable and sweet, take a look to this unique Christmas tree made from soft teddy bear dolls. With this tree you'll certainly have a special Christmas.

Last but not least, there are some of the most expensive Christmas trees in the world. The first one was made by Singapore jeweler Soo Kee Jewelry using 21,798 diamonds totaling 913 carats and 3,762 crystal beads. The second one is an immense Swarovski Christmas Tree, created to promote the famous crystal brand's products.

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