Ugliest Statues in the World

Statues are usually built to commemorate the life of an influential personality or a certain historical event, sometimes becoming the real symbol of a nation. However, there are different so-called “works of art” that are rather hilarious and can easily be considered as the ugliest statues in the world.

Boll Weevil Monument
Built in 1919 in Enterprise, Alabama, USA, the weird and ugly statue should be a sign to show one's appreciation to an insect that strongly influenced local agriculture and economy. Seen as a sign of prosperity, the Boll Weevil Monument is the only in the world that honors an agricultural pest. Weird!

The Jersey teardrop
Zurab Tsereteli seems to strike again. This time his vision materialized in Puerto Rico. As his project dedicated to Christopher Columbus was refused by five American cities, Tsereteli made a 10-story monument to the victims of September 11 attacks. The statue consists of a titanium teardrop encased in bronze that drips water. Even though accepted by the New Jersey authorities, the monument was later rejected and moved to Puerto Rico, Well, temporary, as people have been complaining of the fact that the statue looks more like a female sexual organ. Tsereteli said that his creation is a gift from Russia to the United States and a symbol of solidarity against international terrorism.

It seems that this statue of Quetzalcoatl (pronounced Ketz-ul-KWAT-il), an ancient Meso-American god/figure of creativity and fertility dating back to pre-Aztec times, is worth no less than $500,000. At least, this is the amount of money the authorities in the city of San Jose spent for this monument that honors the city's Hispanic heritage and culture. From a closer view the statue has a rather weird look, don't you think?

The Burnside Fountain
It should look as a boy riding a hawksbill sea turtle. The statue is the creation of Charles Y. Harvey and even though at the beginning it was placed in Central Square, Worcester, Massachusetts, it ended in Worcester Common where less children can see it.

Fiesta Jarabe
Despite the fact that this monument was dedicated to Mexican dancers, Fiesta Jarabe can easily be considered as one of the ugliest statues in the world. Not only the characters' physiognomy looks more than scary, but the colors used highly contribute to the statue's place in this top. Belonging to sculptor Luis Jimenez, Fiesta Jarabe is placed in front of the New Mexico University.

El Mesteno
It is hard to say what this next statue wants to represent. However, the result is rather an anomaly depicting a blue horse with sparkling eyes and featuring certain too prominent details. Well, it might also be our ignorance when it comes to the abstract side of modern art. You can see El Mesteno in front of the International Airport in Denver.

Sheep Statue in Canberra
This is one of those numerous things that can leave you speechless. A sitting sheep placed on one of Canberra's streets might be considered as a form of contemporary art. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look to other ugly statues in the world that don't necessarily need a comment.

Pig the Cyclist in Texas, America

Skeletons in love in Nong Khai, Thailand

Vomiting Fountain Sculpture in London, UK

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