Most Bizarre Police Sketches

Police sketches can help catch some dangerous criminals. However, sometimes, certain drawings only mislead the police as they rather look like caricatures. Seeing these next bizarre police sketches we have doubts regarding their use.

Can you say which is the worst and the most bizarre police sketch ever?

As impossible as it may seem, this police sketch, if we can call it like this, was distributed by the Portuguese police during the investigation carried out for the kidnapping of Madelaine McCann. Very abstract drawing! The other one is a drawing made in the case of a murdered taxi driver in Bolivia. Maybe this is one of the most ridiculous photofits ever used in order to solve an eight-month-old murder case. However, the suspect was caught despite the unskilled sketch.

When drawing a police sketch it is important to see the delinquent's face. Imagine that the police uses even sketches of masked criminals. What are the odds for the next delinquents to be found? The first one is a drawing used by South Wales police in order to catch a robbery suspect whose face is almost entirely covered by a baseball cap. The second one was sent by the Royal Thai Police for solving a bank robbery. There is no doubt that the police was not able to handle all the tips received after releasing the sketch. As for the last photofit, they probably followed the rule saying that even the smallest details can bring about significant leads.

These next police sketches speak for themselves. A hat that is not too hard to recognize and a very strange haircut. These are the details police is talking about and that can really make a difference. The first one was a sketch issued by Atlanta police hunting for a murdering truck driver.

In 2005, a burglar broke into caricaturist Bill “Weg” Green's Heathmont home in Victoria. The 82-year-old Australian caricaturist draw the intruder and fifteen minutes later the police caught a suspect, who was in fact the attacker.

This newscaster is certainly in danger, or the portraitist has something against him and he seeks revenge. Either way, explanations are required.

The police released the first sketch when looking for a man who robbed an Issaquah, WA., adult novelty store called "Lovers". The sketch was made based on the descriptions from the store's employees. Indiana police released the second sketch of a bank robber, described as missing a tooth and possessing a pock-marked face.

Check out these next sketches. Whether a better sketcher is needed or another eyewitness.

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