10 Funny Ads

In order to sell a certain product, humor proves to be very efficient when it comes to advertisement. As long as it is used just like a layer for a relevant promise, humor can draw the attention towards the promoted product. Therefore, humor is just an ingredient that cannot guaranty a product's success. Let's take a look to 10 funny ads. Enjoy!

Eurostar: “It's summertime in London”
Eurostar is a a ticket booking agency that services the US and most of Eastern Europe. This is one simple ad, that uses humor as a basic ingredient in order to make you smile and catch your interest.

Inlingua: Your English may make you seem like an alien
Inlingua Hamburg used a series of print ads in order to promote their Inlingua Business English program. Using humor, they draw the attention upon people's insecurity when having to use English in business. Businessmen with antenna or hilarious hats are depicted together with the question “Do you really know how your English sounds to others?”

Listermint: "Bad breath affects those closest to you"
No, the pastor didn't ask you to confess your biggest sin. He just has a bad breath. It might sound funny in the ad, or maybe a little bit exaggerated and forced, yet in reality a bad breath can be a quite scary thing. And as the printed ad says, a "bad breath affects those closest you".

McKinsey recruitment ad
No one loves jobs interviews and all the exhausting recruitment process. Well, maybe this brilliant job ad will draw your attention as possible candidates. As for the company, this might represent the first step in order to cut down your hunt and eliminate those that are not meant for the specific job.

Nur Die: "Very, very opaque stockings"
This next ad comes and breaks a little the category of stockings ads going towards a tougher, yet ridiculous side. Long gone the days when sexy women wearing soft stockings were protagonists of this type of ads. However, we don't know if a robber would be as dumb as to take a pair of opaque tights, but the concept is great tough.

"Perhaps it's time to turn to Pedigree light Dog Food"
When it comes to advertising it is very important to keep your innovative spirit high. Humor is good and can help you not only bring a smile on people's face, but also advertise and sell the product. In the cats vs dogs historical battle, the slimmest wins.

8in1 Dental Snacks: "Bad dog breath"
This ad can speak for itself. It is catchy and hilarious and it certainly draws people's attention. Well, it is rather understandable, as who in the world would like to have a dog with...a bad breath?

Post It: “For the little things you’ll forget.”
For those men who tend to forget a woman's name in the morning this might be a saving solution in times of memory crisis. However, why not to use them when having to take the garbage out? Despite the very inspiring aspect, this ad is really funny.

Spontex: "Super absorbent"
Smart and great art direction. What better way to demonstrate the super absorbent sponge to possible customers than attaching it to a tear tap? A brilliant idea in order to increase awareness of this amazing sponge that holds up to twenty-times more than its own weight in water.

CareerBuilder.com: "Maybe it's time to move on".
When you are stuck into a toxic working environment, it's time you move on. You just need, the right attitude, courage, and an external stimuli.

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